"The only man who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew every time he sees me, while all the rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them"

-George Bernard Shaw

If you are just starting a workplace health program, it is best to consider your evaluation strategies before you implement the program. That way you can determine when and how you will collect information to answer your evaluation questions. (MHP Salud Evaluation Toolkit, 2008)

Evaluation can help you:
  • Learn from your experience and document changes and lessons learned
  • Record what was learned
  • Share your successes and lessons learned with others
  • Check your progress and make improvements to the program as you go
  • Check whether what you are doing is still what is needed or desired in your workplace
  • Identify strengths and/or weaknesses in your program
  • Demonstrate if you used resources effectively (time and money)
  • Present to leadership, and others involved in your work, what you have achieved and how successful it is (Joseph Rowntree, 2005)
  • Create a basis for future planning

It is encouraged the workplaces plan and carry out a process and an outcome evaluation to demonstrate both the achievement of goals, but also the lessons learned that can be used to improve future programming. However, based on the capacity of your workplace and the ultimate purpose of your evaluation, you may choose to put more time and resources into one type of evaluation.

Process Evaluation (also known as program tracking and monitoring) can help you to track if your initiative was implemented as designed and uncover any barriers that may have contributed to program challenges.

Outcome Evaluation measures changes produced by the program such as increases in awareness or knowledge of healthy eating or increased participation in a sun safety training program.

Help Pit Stop: Tools to Help

To support you in developing your evaluation plans (outcome and/or process), it is highly recommended that you download the Evaluation Support Toolkit. The Evaluation Support Toolkit will help you by providing:

  • Information to answer question that you may have about evaluation (i.e. what is a process evaluation? What is an outcome evaluation? How do I get started? Which type of evaluation is best suited for my initiative?)
  • Questions to expect in each of the online evaluation tools
  • Workplace examples
  • A template to fill out with a group before entering content into the online tools

Before you begin filling out the interactive process and outcome templates below, make sure you review the Evaluation Support Toolkit .

Fill out our interactive Evaluation Planning Tools today!