The Better Health Better Business Roadmap follows a 3 step process for reviewing recommendations and developing priorities. By following the sequence below, you will be able to integrate the results of the workplace health assessment and the interests of your employees into action areas that are both important and changeable.

The prioritization sequence begins with reviewing your workplace health assessment recommendations report.

Review the Workplace Health Assessment Recommendations Report

The Better Health, Better Business Workplace Health Assessment Recommendations Report provides an overview of the current health status of an organization and is generated from the 5 pillars of success and your current policies and programs that address the modifiable risk factors for cancer and chronic disease.

To identify top health priorities in the organization your workplace health committee should:

  • Review the scores from the Workplace Health Assessment
  • Review the Recommendations report
  • Identify the common themes from the Recommendations report

Engage your employees

One way of knowing if the priorities are important to your employees would be to do an employee survey to determine their health interests. Employee health interest surveys are useful for an organization to inform and engage employees in the workplace health program, identify the employees’ health priorities, identify which health promotion activities employees are interested in and gather information about employee health risks. Employees are less likely to attend and utilize the workplace health program if the program is not based on their needs and interests.

For a sample employee interest survey, see the Workplace Health Support Toolkit or the Additional Resources tab under Program Resources

Caution! At this stage do a quick employee health interest survey to inform your planning. If you are interested in doing a more comprehensive survey, this can be an activity in your action plan.

Carry out a prioritization exercise with your workplace health committee

Once you have the results of your employee health interest survey and the Better Health Better Business Workplace Health Assessment Tool, you are ready to start the prioritization process. It is important to determine the criteria or process you are going to use for prioritization. For example:

  • Who needs to be involved? Who is at the table and who is absent?
  • Are the priority areas important to employees?
  • What project ideas are realistic and can make a difference in the time you have?
  • What are the resources available that could be used to implement your priority area project?
  • Is this the right time for this project?
  • Is leadership going to support this priority area?

Refer to the Better Health Better Business: A Roadmap to Comprehensive Workplace Health Improvement to learn how to prioritize your top health actions. For additional support with prioritization, refer to the Priority Mapping Diagram and Priority Ranking Matrix

Once you have determined priority areas, use the Better Health Better Business: Support Toolkit to help you identify specific activities related to your priority area.

The toolkit will link you to tools and resources that will help you develop and implement workplace health policies, programs and activities. The toolkit provides information on building supportive environments that address modifiable risk factors for cancer.